This morning a friend brought his symbian phone to me laying down a complain that he couldn't browse on his phone especially his 2go messenger because it refuses to connect.

So I requested a new configuration settings from mtn by sending SETTINGS in an SMS to 131. Afterwards I started scrolling through his phone inbox maybe he already received the settings before since mtn was taking forever to send the settings then I saw this SMS mtn sent to him saying

"Dear Customer You Are Selected To Enjoy Free 100mb. Simply Send 100 To 131 To Enjoy"

So i immediately send it and he was really given the 100mb data for free on mtn.

So what are you waiting for guys?  Don't dull yourself my people start sending 100 to 131 to enjoy this awoof.

NOTE:- This offer is not available for all mtn users, so don't blame me if its not working for you.
If you are among the lucky people that have received this free data please use the comment box to drop your appreciation Thankzs.

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