Reason You Are Dead If You Dont Have An Email

Email Service Providers

Do you have an email account?, a gmail or yahoo account?, do you send mails or receive mails? do you receive them regularly? or is it just occasionally?, do you even know what an email account is meant for?, is it just to send mails? have you wondered the kind of hell you will pass through if you lose some of your documents? maybe your certificate of birth, or you just lost your Statement of result, how many times have you sworn an affidavit for a lost document? Let me save you the answers and take you through the new world of e-mailing and online backup.
Emails are basically for sending and receiving mails, mails just simply means an information, a letter, memo, document, photos etc are all mails once they are being sent or received.
But Emails today have grown beyond just sending some texts or pics, Email service providers have evolve to provide their consumers with ranges of services. Example, with a single google account (gmail), you have access to sending and receiving mail with gmail, subscribing to videos on Youtube, chatting and following people on Google Plus, blogging with Blogger and even have a backup of your phone contacts.

Most people arent just aware with emails, or they simple ignore its importance, but if a 13years old boy or girl got a telephone number, then surely he/she should also have an email. Let me mention a few importance of  using an email.
Are you tired of looking for your documents everytime they are needed? or are you just thinking about insuring your important docs against theft, loss or the unexpected?, the answer to your troubles is having an online backup which you can access anytime and anywhere except you enjoy swearing an affidavit in the court everytime you find your document missing which is time consuming and equally frustrating considering how things are being done for Naija.

Now how do you insure your documents?, do you have a gmail account? or a yahoo? or the business oriented hotmail, if not sign up for one, then you can simply turn your email accounts to a document storing file by sanning or saving your documents into your mails, the advantage of this method is that your documents can be accessed anywhere and anytime without carrying junks of envelopes or having an headache when you can't find a certificate, all you have to do is go to your mail and print.

If you have a document (typed document) e.g. a letter, resume, a tenancy, sales or business agreement, memorandum, a deed of assignment etc., you can send these documents to multiple recipients, edit the terms, names and content of the documents by easily storing it in an email acount, you dont need a flash drive, or lose documents everytime you format your laptops, the files on your email are always safe.
Although before you can access your mails you need an internet access, but the fact is facebook and youtube consume more data than your gmail app and its not compulsory you have a notebook or a Desktop PC, emails can now be totally accessible on your mobile phones, you can send, receive, attach files, reply, forward mails from your mobile phone.

I will be drawing the curtain here, will continue more on email in my next post advanced Emailing.

Its' time you consider spending some time with your mail app pal.


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