Why most people didn't or haven't utilize their maximum potential is because they haven't been encouraged enough or were not properly motivated by either those who were supposed to or by themselves.  Some people are self motivated but not all of us, some of us just need someone to stand by our side, hold our hands and tell us "dear, you can do it,  I know you can" that kind of encouragement goes a long way in bringing out the best in us, the more you realize there is a lot at stake, that there are people who believe you can, the more we tend to give it all.

There are surely moments when we need to be motivated, you just need a reason to keep going, to continue fighting relentlessly, vigorously, tirelessly, you need a fuel to keep that desire burning, just try to find a reason to why you must, and try to give others a reason too,  be a source of motivation to others, let them know they have the potential, the strength, the skill, assure them that you believe they can.

Some people have the skill, some the talent, but if the believe is missing he is likely to give up at the slightest challenge, if you want to bring out the best in your child, your partner or your friend, you have to support him by being there and when there is a challenge you have to remind him/her that "I know you, and I know and strongly believe you can do it, you can overcome it, and when you achieve it, when you make it, when you overcome this challenge, I will be here to remind you that I told you YOU CAN DO IT ".

What about if you tried, put in your best shot, sacrifice almost everything and you still lose it? And you think you have disappointed those who believed you can Or you are telling yourself maybe it wasn't meant to be mine, maybe it isn't my way, maybe I'm just not meant to be so successful. Well you can tell yourself whatever you like, and people can tell you whatever they like, but you are not a disappointment.
"One of the most difficult challenge is when those who once believe you can, tell you maybe you can't"
Surely it will be discouraging, but life is about turning a weakness to strength, those words can be motivating too, how? just prove them wrong!.

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