Checkout This ScanDisk 8Gig Flash Drive That Connects With Phone

 I stumbled upon a cheap ScanDisk 8Gigabyte Flash drive that connects with mobile phones without using any cord while i was just surfing through jumia to get some info about a sony xperia phone. this flash drive quickly grab my attention and i cant just let go, so i decided to hint you guys here on my blog about this amazing cheap drive
i.e: with this 8gig flash drive you dont have to carry about any usb cord before you connect your phone to your computer or share stuffs between them.

this flash drive can directly receive any type of files directly from your phone or any device that uses the micro usb (blackberry charger mouth) without having to use a computer, after receiving the file from your device, you can later connect the flash with your system to view the transferred files. AMAZING isn't it?

Sandisk 8Gb Dual Purpose Flash Drive Review

scandisk 8gig Flash Drive
The Sandisk 8GB Dual Purpose OTG Flash Drive is designed with the popular interface of 2.0 USB for laptop or tablet and micro USB for smartphones. This drive can be carried anywhere along with you in your pocket‎‎ or attached to a clip-on carry case, as we all know flash drives are always helpful when you need to connect and also do some file transferring and sharing‎.‎
This Sandisk flash drive is fast and efficient in getting different file types, including multimedia files and relevant documents to other laptops and other USB enabled device‎.‎ It is portable and comes in a blue colour and styled with a compact design.
The 8GB flash drive gives you the capacity and space to save as many files you need and also to send and receive from friends‎.‎

The Sandisk 8GB Dual Purpose OTG Flash Drive has a sleek design and it offers you the solution to easily transfer data from most smartphones like the Samsung galaxy models, Sony Xperia, Galaxy Note III, Galaxy R, Infinix Phones, Tecno Phones, Blackberry and more through the micro USB while the 2.0 USB lets you connect to the PC, laptop or any compatible tablets to save important files and applications.
This 8Gigabyte Flash Drive offers you with enough storage capacity for you to save relevant data for future purpose‎ and also to‎ secure official and personal data.‎
This dual purpose flash drive is so portable and lightweight to take along with you to school, holidays and office as it is the ideal backup device.

Buy the Sandisk 8GB Dual Purpose OTG Flash Drive at the best price on Jumia‎‎ Nigeria‎.‎

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