Generate Blackberry Imei Using Imei Analyzer For Glo 3Gb

Getting an imei, using imei analyzer to analyze and tweak it then tweaking it into your android phone is one of the good things that has happened to we android users especially generating blackberry imei and since its been introduced we have been enjoying cheap data plans and free browsing from most of our network providers.

We all know that ever since blackberry stepped into Nigeria their data plans is known to be very cheap compared to other mobile phones, imagine getting Glo 3Gb for 1000 naira on a blackberry phone when their normal mobile phones data plans goes for 350mb for the same 1000 naira, it makes me think WTF!!! And before android phones became cheaper in Nigeria we were all managing the little data for huge amount those mobile service providers were offering us and had nothing to do about it.

Thanks to Tecno, Infinix, Lenovo and other newly introduced android manufacturing company in Nigeria for making android phones affordable and cheaper in Nigeria. And now that android OS has become what most people now use, we can now tweak some things and do some stuffs we cant do previously on our Nokia Java Phones & Symbian Phones.

With owning an Android phone comes a lot of interesting advantages and cool stuffs which some of it are: Rooting, Changing Imei, ROM Customization and many others, but not to waste your precious time i will be discussing with you the main reason of writing this post which is using imei analyzer to generate blackberry imei without asking anyone for help.

You might start thinking why would you want to change your phone imei to a blackberry imei, well in case you don't know, Changing your android phone imei to blackberry imei gives you the opportunity to use glo blackberry plan on your android phone and with that you get to use their monthly 3Gb data plan which goes for 1000 naira.

How To Generate Blackberry Imei With Imei Analyzer.

generate blackberry imei

To generate a new blackberry imei Tweak this Bold 7 imei to your android phone.


With the above imei you can generate thousands of working blackberry imei to use for activating the glo blackberry data plan on your android phone.

To generate, tweak and analyze the blackberry imei above follow the steps in my previous post on HOW TO USE IMEI ANALYZER
After generating a fresh imei now follow my steps here in my previous post where i explained HOW TO TWEAK IMEI.
After tweaking now Read How To Get Glo 3Gb For 1000

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