How To Force 3G Connection On Your Android Phones

If you are a consistent and constant internet surfer you'll know that browsing on any network inferior to 3G is a total waste of time.
Although 3G connection is not the fastest of the type of internet connection because there is still 4G LTE which is super fast but still 3G connection is also very OK if the network signal is good.

Sometimes when the network signal is OK to browse on 3g connection, yet some phones are so stubborn to stay on that sucking 2g connection. But all that decision your mobile phone is making for you is over because right now and right here i will be walking you through how to force and stabilize constant 3g connection on your android phones.

How To Force And Stabilize 3G Connection On Your Android Phones

1) Download and install MTK Engineering Mode.

2) Launch/Open the MTk Engineering Mode application and click on MTK SETTINGS.

3) When it opens the MTK SETTINGS page, now navigate to NETWORK SELECTING option under the TELEPHONY tab.

4) When the NETWORK SELECTING opens you will see list of network types you can choose from in a drop down menu.

5) Choose WCDMA ONLY from the drop down option to make your Android phone 3G connection stable.

6) Close the MTK ENGINEERING MODE application and switch on your device data.

That's all.

If you select GSM only from the drop down menu, your phone Internet connection will use the 2G connection only and will not be able to use the 3G connection, but it saves a lot of battery.

If you select WCDMA/GSM, your phone internet connection will be switching from 2G and 3G, depending on how strong the network signal is.

If you select WCDMA only from the drop down menu, your device will only use the 3G connection and will never switch to the 2G connection, but this option consume much more battery than the rest of the options.

You Can Also Watch The Video Tutorial Below If You Don't Understand This Post.

If you are having issues fixing this or you don't understand any of my steps please do not fail to comment below.


  1. I tried what you said and once I put it in that mode I have No service. I put it in 4g/3g/2g bars fill up and E Pops up. yet still cant make calls or get them.

  2. I am not selected LTE/4G network mode, why are reason, My mobile HTC 620G android 4.4.2 (Kitket)

  3. I can't select LTE/4G network mode, why are reason, My mobile HTC 620G android 4.4.2 (Kitket)


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