How To Root Gionee Phones Without PC

Gionee are one of a hell smartphones manufacturer, i recently operated and rooted their device: Gionee S5.5 and i must tell you, this device is great a d awesome.

Talking about its slimly look and its smooth body which is much more like liquid, i was fascinated as this device was like a blade in my hand, though i rooted the white design of the Gionee S5.5 and the device being white made me love it even more.

With my short but educative experience with the Gionee S5.5 i will be sharing with you my little knowledge on how to successfully root most Gionee android phones.

Just like the way i did with Rooting The Unilorin Jkk Android Tablet, its almost the same with the Gionee but just that i didn't use the desktop version of KingRoot rather i used the mobile app and the guy that owns this Gionee S5.5 is more like a street dawg.

Getting my hands on the phone i had to check its android version first, which was 4.2.2 and this means the Gionee rooting method i will be discussing with you in this post should work with all Gionee that runs on Android 4+.
gionee s5 specs

To Proceed please read the ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of ROOTING your android phones just incase you are doubting if you really need to do this.

How To Root Gionee Phones

- Download KingRoot For Android and install it
- Switch on your Gionee data connection or connect to a hotspot with your WiFi

Note: You must have a data connection or the Hotspot you are connecting to should also have in order to complete the rooting process successfully.

- Launch the installed KingRoot

Note: This KingRoot application is not written in English so just follow my explanation and the screenshots i took while rooting the Gionee S5.5 carefully.

- Wait for KingRoot to detect your device name and model.
- After detecting your phone, a screen will appear, just click on the large blue button below your phone screen as seen below:
how to root gionee
- Be patient while KingRoot does its job
- When you notice the reading number on the KingRoot app has stopped reading and a screen similar to the one in the screenshot below:
how to root
Just click on the blue button and voila, your Gionee is rooted.

You might want to test if your Gionee is actually rooted,

How To Check If Your Gionee Is Rooted

- Download ROOT CHECKER app and install it.
- Launch it and click on verify root
verify root
- A popup will display asking you to allow access, just click on allow
allow root access
- Vroom, and your phone root status is verified.
rooted gionee

Got any questions for me? Lets rub minds in the comment section.

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