The Blogger's Guide Ebook

Hello there my friend, I trust you are doing amazingly great and fine, trust me I'm doing awesomely great too for myself. 

For some weeks now I've been working on my very first eBook which is written and compiled to help both newbies and veteran in the Blogosphere understand some basic and unimaginable things they could do with blogspot blogs. 
In relation to this i compiled almost all the setting up, tweaking and configuration you could do to make your blogger blog look amazingly great and awesome.
Although i finished this book not long ago and I've been trying my best to get this eBook to circulate and go around to almost everyone in the Blogosphere and to those thinking of joining us. 

You also can help in the circulation of this educational book by sharing on your social profile e.g: Facebook, Twitter, Gplus, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and others.
Or you can simply download this book and share with your friends on Bbm or use your Bluetooth, Xender and other file transfer apps. 

The eBook I've been ranting about all this while is what i titled "The Blogger's Guide".
The Blogger's Guide is that one of a kind eBook that will surprisingly open your eyes to what you already know and what you have no idea of doing with a blogger blog.
With this The Blogger's Guide eBook in your hand, your computer or your mobile phone, you shouldn't be someone who can't set up his/her blog alone, trust me if you understand this eBook right (i believe you will) you don't need no one to do stuffs for you on your blogspot blog anymore. 

the blogger's guide
The Blogger's Guide

 Although this book don't cover everything about blogger but it consists of my own personal interpretation of how to use blogger successfully which I've been using for the past 7 years without anyone's help. 


The Blogger's Guide eBook Lets You Understand:

- How To Setup And Register A Blogger Blog.

- How To Configure And  Tweak The Blog.

- Applying And  Uploading A Template.

- How To Customize Your Template.

- How To Adjust Your Blog Layout.

- Changing Your Blog Background.

- Adding Gadgets To Your Blog.

- Monetization Of Your Blog With Adsense And  Many Other Alternatives. 

And Many Other Educational Stuffs.

How Much Is The Blogger's Guide Book?

As Educative and Helpful this eBook is, I'm giving it out to the general public for free.


The reason behind me giving out this eBook for free is because i want to HELP, yes i want to be helpful, be a contributor and a motivator to the blogging community. Lets just say I'm giving back to the Blogosphere where i was given to. 

This eBook being free means you have no reason and excuse whatsoever of not being a successful blogger because this book consist of almost everything you need to guide you through the right path. 

Where Can I Get The Blogger's Guide?

The Blogger's Guide eBook has been uploaded to series of online file storage, just to make everyone get his/her hand on it.

But You can get The Blogger's Guide from the links below:

After Getting This Book What Else?

lol, are you seriously thinking of that question in your mind? 

Well incase you are looking for an answer; well, what next is "GET TO WORK AND BE SUCCESSFUL

After reading the eBook are you having issues understanding and digesting it? Or maybe you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can hire me to do all those dirty and stressful work for you (LAUGHING).



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      nice one, didnt know it'll be this massive

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