Proven Way To Indexing Blog Posts In Less Than 5 Mins

Indexing a blog post fast is a secret most so called pro-bloggers (leaders) have been hiding to the newbies (followers) in the blogosphere which is building up this awkward relationship between them.

I've been noticing and noticing this stuff for some while now and I just can't take it in any longer, so in this blog post I will be taking you on a very breath taking adventure to get all your blog post crawled by google and bing search engines within minutes or less than five minutes depending on how fast the search engines bot are doing their job but I guarantee you, it won't take longer than five minutes.

Note: I'm not trying to claim I'm a guru or some kind of an apex guy in seo but trust me I know what I know and I'm sure of it.

While this post is going to be directed towards bloggers and webmasters having issue getting their blog post or their newly launched blog/website indexed immediately after launching or publishing them on google and bing search engines, I will also be showing out to you a live proof of this technique.
The live proof I'm talking about will be this post itself, because immediately after publishing this post I will urge you to take a screenshot of the time you saw this post was published and then I will take another screenshot of the time this post was indexed then come back and re-edit this post and attach the screenshot for you all to see how perfectly working and effective this method is.

UPDATE: screenshot below:
index blog post fast

indexing blog post in 5mins
Post was indexed 14hrs ago, while it was published at 16:17pm, DO THE MATHS
UPDATE: sorry the screenshot was late, my pc battery was drained b4 i could re check google for the indexed time immediately after 5mins, im sorry but still screenshots dont lie.

The reason of me trying to break this slavery bond between the so called internet boss (pro-bloggers) and you is because everyone deserves the right to know whats to be known and i surely believe
"no knowledge is truly hidden, it just depends on how you've been looking for it."

I've noticed most bloggers and webmasters keep complaining that google don't crawl their post or their blog, Even after submitting their blog sitemap it takes ages before the search engine bots crawl and index them.
So they tend to keep searching and searching through google everyday just for a perfect solution to the nightmare and in return they keep getting tons of tutorials and blog posts online giving them the complicated way and less fast way of getting their content indexed fast.
But right now I'm telling you to look no further because the only cause of your nightmare is you and you only, reason being you keep looking for the complicated way and overlooking the easiest and less tiring way which is very close to you.
Most of you have no idea and some do but choose to ignore that there are millions of website and blogs out there that outweigh you and are more consistent than your blog and google bots are busy feeding and crawling on their contents in order to improve the google search engine results page (SERP), and trust me the more you look for this complicated way and keep landing on their pages, the more google is counting you as a vote to improve those blogs rankings higher and higher. 

My dear friend, if you do not take action as fast as you can I'm sorry you are giving your competitor the upper hand in the game and also your content might not get indexed in an appropriate time or at the time you want it to and I'm sorry you might not be seen at all on search engines. 

In order to avoid this and to help you my friend, I'm going to expose the secret top notch bloggers use every time they publish their posts, so that it gets indexed on google almost immediately which i know they wont tell you. 

The only reason I'm sharing this right here and right now with you is still the same as what I've said above, which is because i want to help you grow, and moreover why would i keep hiding whats not actually hidden? 
This stuff was also exposed to me by an unselfish friend, so while he's not selfish then why should i be?

Talking about indexing a blog post in a flash, there is this 2 places I submit my blog post to immediately after I finish publishing them because I hate leaving my blog fate and exposure entirely in some bots hand.

And those 2 places are:

  1. Google Search Engine Console
  2. Bing Webmaster Tool
These 2 places mentioned above are the keys to open the door to google/bing indexing in a Barry Allen way.
To save you the how to mystery; this is how to actually do it.
  • Write your blog post
  • Publish It
  • Get The Post Url
  • Share on your Facebook & Twitter profile or page
  • Submit the post url to those 2 places I mentioned as a key above.
  • 2-3 Minutes later, type your post url to google and see the magic
  •  Its that simple.
  1. The sole reason why I told you to check back in 2 to 3 minutes later after submitting your post URL to those 2 places is because that's the maximum time I always give my post before rechecking if its indexed and crawled, and trust me it always does.
  2. And also why I told you to enter your blog post URL instead of your post title is because entering your post title in the search field directly mean you are searching for a keyword which there might be competition for, but searching with your post URL makes the result google brings be exclusive to your blog only, so please take note.
I know you'll be like; is this all to it?
Well my answer is simply YES.
To prove me wrong just do as I've explained and outlined, and if your blog post are not getting indexed within 5 minutes after following my way of doing it, then come back to this post and drop a comment so we can both see what exactly you are doing wrong.

So Did you follow my steps and your blog post got crawled or is it the otherwise?

Let's tackle the issue together in the comment section.

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