Ttpod Music Player For Android Free Download

Ttpod music player is the stress soother, memory fader and the best audio music player you could have on your android phone.

Ttpod has been in existence since the ultimate time of symbian OS and up till now they have been doing extremely great in the entertainment industry in terms of thrilling we music lovers.

There is this saying that
"All work & no play makes jack a very dull boy"
And also there is this very quote I've always loved which goes as:
"Music is life"
When we talk about all the amazing features you want an android music player to have then surely you are talking about Ttpod.
This music app is an android mp3 player that plays all audio files e.g: mp3, amr e.t.c effectively without lagging.
Ttpod is a music player for android that outshines any type of mp3 music player you are currently using either on your symbian phone, android or windows mobile phone.

I could say that because I've tried most free audio player apps but they don't seem to get to my satisfaction when it comes to giving me the best I want music to be, but Ttpod music player is always the most promising application that has been giving me this unforgettable experience.

Features Of Ttpod Music Player

This advance music player is known to:
  • Giving the lowest quality audio file a super quality sound when being listen to.
  • Scan for songs lyrics and downloading them for your leisure in quick grabbing what a musician is passing in his music.
 ttpod lyrics
  • Provide users the option to change the music audio effects to something more thrilling like: Concert, Rock, Pop, Dance Classic and many others.
ttpod audio effectttpod audio effect
  • Editing custom audio effects to your personalized taste and also creating a new one.
ttpod new effect

  • Give the Speedy Share feature where you want to send any music in a flash either with a WI-FI or Qr/Bar Code.
ttpod speedy sharettpod music share
  • Creating a new Audio Effect of your taste and applying it with ease.
create new audio effect
  • With this mp3 player for android you get to change the background and skin of your audio player to something more beautiful. You also get to download loads of beautifully crafted Themes to style your player.
    change music screenchanging background skin

  • When listening to a music on the street or in the clubs and you don't know who sang the song or the title of the song but would like to know and have that song with you, this is where Ttpod comes in.
    This music player app has this RECOGNIZE feature that automatically recognize music and immediately will search for it and bring you the title, the artist that sang the song and also make it available for download.

    ttpod music recognizerecognize music
  • Out of the features I loved most in this android mp3 player is its ability to automatically stop and close itself.
    Sometimes when I'm listening to Blues and Cool music's from artists like Celine Dion, West life, Ed Sheeran, R Kelly, Arsonist Lullaby, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and others I tend to dose off due to the coolness and peace the music sound gives me and the music will just keep playing till early morning, so to avoid this I normally set the Ttpod audio player to some specific time to stop the music and close itself so as to save my battery.
    ttpod sleep modettpod audio sleep


Other Features Of This Android Mp3 Player

  • With this audio player you get to listen to songs online and may choose to automatically save/download them to your device. Isn't that cool?
  • Ttpod has this desktop lyrics feature that display the lyrics of the song you are currently listening to anywhere in your device, and if it seems irritating or disturbing you can always close the lyrics without having to open the music player

    ttpod audio lyricsttpod desktop lyricsttpod music lyrics

  • This Mp3 player will automatically download some pictures of the artist currently playing on your device and save it for all the music's on your phone with that artist name.
    And most exciting stuff is that any lyrics or pictures downloaded by Ttpod is always available for offline use.
    ttpod artist picture

  • Ever imagined that shaking your device could trigger a music player application?
    Well Ttpod music player for android has this option installed in it that triggers the android motion sensor whenever you shake your device in a specific way and convert it to launching this audio player application without having to tap your android device screen.
What more could you want from a mp3 player?

Ttpod Music Player is all you could crave for.


Where Can I Download This Mp3 Player For Android?

You can download the Ttpod music player for Symbian at: MOBILE9

If You are the android type you can get Ttpod music player for android at: APK4FUN

And to all Windows Mobile users get this ttpod music player for windows at: MICROSOFT

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