Infinix Hot Note Pro Full Phone Reviews, Specs And Price

Infinix Hot Note Pro is a one of a kind device which so many possessions, although this phone was an upgrade to the inferior Infinix Hot Note while Hot Note is also the upgrade to their little brother Infinix Hot.

Above is the infinix Hot series bloodline, and amongst all of them Infinix hot note pro is sitting on the throne as their big brother, possessing all what you can dreamed of in a good android phone.
Infinix hot note pro is a very durable device that you cant afford not to get because its worth the price and not a disappointment. 

I currently use this device as at the time of writing this post, infact I wrote this post with Infinix Hot Note Pro.
I've used the youngest of the infinix hot series (Infinix Hot) though the phone was a marvel buh I didn't enjoy its battery, its just too weak for me in terms of battery, any other thing else is good, but then I heard a release of hot note and I was like there isn't much difference between the infinix hot note and the ordinary hot so I was hoping they will bring up a new better device, and then vrooooom INFINIX HOT NOTE PRO arrived in a VIP plane. 

I checked its specs,  it wowed me and I was very eager to buy this device. Cutting my journey short I bought the hot note pro and its up to a month now since I've been using it and I've never seen any thing unpleasant in this device, infinix hot note pro is a wonder, be it battery, camera, weight, memory and so many extremely wonderful features that I'll start outlining in this post.
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Not only Tecno Camon C8 is a good camera android phone but Infinix Hot Note Pro is a hell of a picture snapper when it comes to grabbing some interesting moments with a camera, as this device poses a 8MP primary camera with a flashlight to help enhance image quality at night or in a low light area.
Not only that, Hot note pro also has this 2MP front camera for taking a very crystal clear and good quality selfies, and also for recording a good quality video of yourself by yourself.



Infinix Hot Pro is poses with a 5.5 inch screen and protected with a gorilla glass which is very stubborn to break or shattered.
With a 5.5 inch display this android device looks more classic and buoyant in your palm giving you the bossy feeling.
With a 5.5" watching movies and looking at your pictures is going to be a very breath taking experience as its going to display them perfectly okay and in a high definition mode (HD). Even while reading any documents on this device, you will almost lack nothing as you can rotate the screen horizontally for a wide view or still  stay on the portrait mode for a long screen view.

Hardware And Software

The Infinix Hot Note (2GB RAM,32GB ROM) is a stylishly slim designed smartphone and also very light at hand because it's specially made to suit your personal lifestyle.
This android phone is a combination of affordability and functionality.
It is powered by a Mediatek Octa-Core 1.4GHz chipset which will ensure that your phone runs smoothly and efficiently.
Its synchronised core architecture makes multi tasking between apps very speedy. It runs on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system for very responsive applications and its also upgradeable to the latest android Lollipop.


Hot Not Pro is one of a kind device when it comes to storage, I mean this device is a rare breed of an android phone simply because it comes with internal memory (ROM)  of 32GB and a RAM of 2GB.
You see, you might have been buying android phones with good specifications but I know you know deep inside of you that Infinix Hot Note Pro is a king of all.

With 32GB internal memory, please tell me what do you really wanna store on this device that its not capable of? Is it applications? Games? Videos? Pictures? Documents? Just name it, infinix hot note pro is your saviour.
Although there are some android phones that poses 32GB internal memory but its rare for you to see those kind of device that will still give a space for an external SD card, yes I said it, with this hot note from infinix you enjoy free internal 32GB storage and as well be able to expand your storage with a memory card.

I told you guys earlier that I use this device currently and I store huge files, but this device was able to cater for my needs, even though I bought an external SD card of 16GB for file transfers, yet I'm yet to exhaust this device internal memory of 32GB.
Not only is this device a storage monster, yet its also a performance king, as infinix hot note pro is driven with a RAM of 2GB and you know what that is.
Endless multitasking of apps and games, extremely fast and smooth phone operations and no slugging response.

Even a phone of 1GB is doing okay with multitasking talkless of this beast that poses the power of 2GB RAM.
So to you all gurus, gamers and geeks out there, here is your dream android phone I doubt you will dislike. 



Infinix Hot Note Pro comes with a whooping 4000MAH Li-Ion battery that will last you for good 2 days straight.
Not only is this device a storage beast, its also a battery monster. Sometimes when I play games that exhaust battery like Mortal Kombat X on this device it baffles me how this device was still able to last me a day and half after playing such kind of game for more than 3 hrs with my data on with H+ connection.

Just because this device battery is huge doesn't mean it takes forever to charge, infinix hot pro is powered with the super fast charging feature that will charge your device fully in 1hrs 30mins or less and you get to use it for 2 days straight. 

Isn't that great?

Other Features

This android phone runs on the android 4.4.2 kit kat which can be upgraded to lollipop 5.0 or 5.1 (I've upgraded mine though).
This device also supports 2 micro sim which is also okay for a business man using more than one network for call and browsing.
Not only that, this device is also equipped with: Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot, USB port, GPS sensor and tracking just incase you misplace your phone. 


With all this mouth watering features Infinix hot note pro is a very pocket friendly device available in most mobile phone stores and dealers world wide, but you can buy it online and get it delivered to your house in 3days from 


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