InnJoo Note Pro Phone Reviews, Price And Specifications

Innjoo Note Pro is much more like the Innjoo Note, infact its the latest addition to the Innjoo Note lines of phone, but with just twice the on-board RAM of the later. 2GB RAM is not something to toy with and will surely improve the performance of the dual-SIM Android phone.

Just as the earlier Innjoo Notes, the Innjoo Note Pro also keeps up with a 5.5-inch screen and a 1.3GHz quad-core processor.
As its been said, Innjoo Note Pro is one of the eye catchy device with its 5.5inches display, a very splendid 2Gb RAM for serious performance, a stunning camera for a clear and sharper image, this device is fueled with an average battery performance, smart gestures, and a very smooth experience.


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The InnJoo Note Pro is the InnJoo Note rebooted and reimagined. This device is driven with a 5.5" HD Screen and a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution as it is rightly named The Premium Innjoo Note at the moment. And also this device is the most highly specked member of the innjoo Note series.

You Can Buy Injoo Note Pro From JUMIA or KONGA


Innjoo Note Pro do walk amongst android smartphoones gallantly with a 13 megapixels rear camera, which is more like the previous Note device, but what makes it exceptional is the front facing camera which is 8 megapixels and gives customers a much better and great Selfies and Wefies.

Hardware And Software

Talking about standing out amongst Innjoo smartphones, Innjoo Note Pro runs Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor for delivering more power while handling tasks, this device stands a titan as the first 2G RAM smartphone by InnJoo, The Note Pro aims to bring you a higher processor speed and efficiency for you to easily enjoy your smarter life!


With a huge 16GB ROM, it's hard to imagine anything better than this as this device could massively store any files, documents and mobile applications you could imagine. this device is not actually limited to the 16GB internal memory, Innjoo Note Pro also supports external Sd card which is powerful up to 64GB for increase in the storage capacity if you are the type that uses excessive amount of storage.

You Can Buy Injoo Note Pro From JUMIA or KONGA


With the super Battery Life of 3000mAh and th auto brightness adjusting mode, Note Pro lets you do more for your social life and will be a durable and perfect partner while you are enjoying your holidays and journey!

Other Features

innjoo note pro specsinnjoo note pro review

I do not know how you define UNIQUE?  but with Innjoo Note Pro you are sure to be very unique everywhere you go with this device sleeky design, its support for smart gestures.
With this android device you can double-click to light up the screen, roll-over to mute an incoming call, and you can set other user-defined gestures.

Pricing And Availability

Injoo Note Pro is currently priced at 25,000 Naira and its Available At Mobile Phone Stores Worldwide. But You Can Save Yourself The Stress By Buying & Order This Phone Online & Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep From.


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