Innjoo One Full Phone Reviews And Specifications

Innjoo one is yet another smartphone from the stables of the Innjoo phone manufacturing company.
Innjoo one is a one android phone that stands out from its kind with its Alkali-Aluminosilicate sheet glass engineered into the perfect combination of thinness, lightness and damage-resistance and very similar to the Gorilla Glass by Corning Incorporated.
Innjoo one is a one hell of a device you will love acquiring.

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The innjoo one 5inch capacity touchscreen display gives full viewing-angle IPS display, and also lets you enjoy a better viewing experience so that playing games on this device becomes more real, reading ebooks or any docs and apps come to life and you can even enjoy vivid and continuous multi-media entertainment in full HD glory.

injoo oneinjoo one


When i said this device stands out amongst the rest, you might have thought in your mind; whats so superb about this phone
Well I'm glad to inform you that your low picture quality days are over as you can now Capture every moment for memorable memories with the Innjoo one superb 13 Megapixel main camera.
And also this device is also equipped with 5Mp front camera for taking selfies and recording a video of yourself without anyone's  help. 

Hardware And Software

Innjoo One has an Octa-Core processor, and runs at 1.4Ghz speed, what you get is a smooth, battery experience no matter how many apps you open at once. Browse, watch HD videos or play 3D games.
Enjoy true-to-life graphics and textures and a whole new realistic experience.

This device is also Running on Google Android 4.4.2 KitKat which gives you access to over a million apps in Google Play store.

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Innjoo one boast of a 2GB RAM which simply means, there is no sluggishness with this device, and also 16GB internal storage for storing your limitless files, saving your pictures and videos, downloading games and applications including many others.
Not only that; Innjoo one supports external storage of up to 64GB SD Card just incase you are a storage freak or a file junker. 

injoo one picturesinjoo one image


Innjoo one battery Capacity is just 2600mAh Rechargeable Polymer Battery which is not so strong but still okay.
With that kind of battery capacity the Innjoo one cant last 2 days straight with heavy usage.

Other Features

Turn your phone into just anything from an e-reader to a gaming machine. With an Alkali-Aluminosilicate sheet glass engineered into the perfect combination of thinness, lightness and damage-resistance and also very similar to the Gorilla Glass by Corning Incorporated.
This InnJoo smartphone is perfect for your active lifestyle. The Dragontrail's material used to make the phone is very strong even though it is thin glass, and is also highly resistant to scratch with a Vickers hardness test rating between 595 to 673. 
The classic and shiny colour of this smartphone makes it perfect for you.

Innjoo One is equipped with a Dual SIM Cards (1 Micro-SIM/1 Nano SIM (Doubles as an SD Card Slot).

*Please Note: The Device User can have 1 SIM Card and 1 SD Card or 2 SIM Cards in the device.
But can not have all 3 at once. Which simply means is either you use 2 sim cards in this android phone and don't use memory card, or you use just one sim card and a memory card without the second sim.


Innjoo One is available at different online shopping mall and phone stores but you can order it and get it delivered to your doorsteps at


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