Lenovo A5000 Full Phone Reviews And Specifications

The Lenovo A5000, is a must have android smartphone for those complaining of low battery power on android smartphones.
This device boasts of a 4 hours talk time with just 15 minutes of charging. So tell me what happens if you charge this battery beast for 1hrs or more?
Incase you are wondering how possible is this; well lenovo A5000 is powered with 4000MAH battery to last you for your mobile needs.
Lenovo A5000 also display on a 5 Inch HD display screen to make sure you see everything clearly, either you are browsing the web, playing games or watching a video.

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With Lenovo A5000 everything is crystal clear, clean and sharp.
This device also poses in-plane switching (IPS) for nearly 180° of wide-angle viewing.
Whether you are on the move or you are washing, this Lenovo A5000 is protected from water or rain or your coffee.
This is all Thanks to the lenovo Android phone splash proof nano coating, the Lenovo A5000 screen can get a little bit wet and still works perfectly fine.

NOTE: This Lenovo A500 is not waterproof, rather its screen is a little bit resistance to little water, so be careful with the device.

a5000lenovo a5000


Lenovo A5000 is driven with 8mp Rear camera for capturing of good, bad and joyous moment.
Whether you need to quickly video a ceremony or capture something important the Lenovo 8mp rear camera is sufficient to do that.
Its 2mp front camera is also amazing for taking selfies and capturing your best poses.
Hardware And Software
Lenovo A5000 runs on the Kitkat from Android which raised the device standard, by optimizing memory and improving its touchscreen so that this android phone responds faster and more accurately than ever before.
It is guaranteed that you can listen to a podcast while browsing the web, or race down the highway with the latest hit game, all without any issues.
54 comes with 1.3GHz quad core processor to ensure you use your phone faster and also multitask with ease, with this processor the android Kitkat OS will run better and produce a optimum performance.


Not only is this lenovo android phone a battery beast, the phone's RAM is driven by 1Gb which you can use to run your phones application in a minimal way and also its internal memory is 8Gb which is normal and okay for a typical android phone user and also you can extended its storage up to 32GB with MMC (memory card) which is going to be OK for files junker.
So whether you are the type that download lots of music, videos and applications, you have nothing to worry about because this lenovo device is okay for you.


As I've said earlier, lenovo A5000 is a battery beast. Its not very common to see an android phone with a 4000MAH battery capacity. But this lenovo android phone broke this jinx and gave us such battery capacity of 4000MAH.
Just because lenovo A5000 battery is strong doesn't mean its going to take ages to be fully charged.
The device Quick Charge feature will fully recharge the A5000 in just 3 hours but if you are in a hurry you can charge it for 15-minute and the lenovo phone will give you up to 4 hours’ talk time.
Plus, its energy-saving software which is also designed to prolong the device battery life.
So please what more can you request for?

Other Features

You can do more with your Lenovo A5000 with its preloaded apps like:
SHAREit, which lets you share files wirelessly without network charges or a WiFi connection.
CLONEit, which always come in handy if you want to instantly transfer all your old data to your new Lenovo phone.
Security, which speeds up your phone and protects it from viruses.
SYNCit, which lets you back up and restore your phone contacts, SMS messages, and call logs.
GPS that Works Offline.
Finding your way around the city has never been easier than with the A5000 which includes satellite controlled GPS to guide you accurately even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Pricing & Availability

Lenovo A5000 is available at mobile phone stores but you can buy or order it and get it delivered to your doorstep from:

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