Nokia Lumia 930 Phone Reviews And Specs

In the aftermath of Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's devices and services department, it's really anyone's guess what will happen with the company that was once at the apex of the industry.
And although there are no question marks hanging over the Lumia lineup as this device is going strong, and the Lumia 930 alongside the Windows Phone 8.1 update is a proof that it's here to stay, be it under a new leadership.

The Lumia 930 was released in the United states this past February and after working the kinks out with the Windows Phone 8.1 update, Nokia is launching the international version right to the latest software.
Besides that this device supports some different LTE bands, the Lumia 930 does come with some nifty extras, however, Nokia is trying to entice its users and customers by throwing in a wireless charging pad with dedicated A/C adapter, as well as some different paint jobs.

nokia lumia 930nokia lumia 930



The Nokia Lumia 930 comes with a capacitive 5-inch Full HD screen display with astonishing sunlight readability, which boasts a Full HD 1080x1920 resolution and Nokia's Clearblack display technology also the device screen is protected with a Gorilla Glass.


With a 20MP camera on the rear, the Lumia 930 is a huge improvement compared to the 8MP snapper found on the Lumia 925 and most other smartphones.
Nokia's usual top-end camera features are onboard, including Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization and a dual LED flash.

Lumia 930 is also capable of shooting an HD 1080p video, and there's also a 1.2MP camera on the front of the device for taking selfies.

Hardware And Software

The Nokia Lumia 930 is driven by a quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, which is paired with 2GB of RAM for maximum speed and smart functionality.

lumia 930lumia 930



Nokia Lumia 930 is powered with 32GB of internal storage which is almost ok if the device supports the use of an external sd card but without a microSD card slot its a big turn off because i cant imagine what will happen if i completely exhaust the inbuilt 32GB of storage that comes with the device.

Assuming this Lumia 930 supports the use of an external sd card, i can as well move my files into them and change SD cards if necessary.


Right under the bonnet of this device, the Nokia Lumia 930 is being piloted by a 2,420mAh battery, which offers up to 11 hours of talk time if you are on a (2G)network and also 15 hours of talktime in you are on (3G) respectively.

Other Features

Life is so much easier and fun with the right apps. With the Nokia Lumia 930, you can access a world of apps in the Windows Phone Store. A world populated by favourites like Zinio, Vyclone, Vimeo, Skype and many more. And with a host of new apps specifically developed for the latest Windows Phone 8.1 experience, the selection of apps for your Lumia has never been more exciting.

With a 4G LTE connectivity, built-in wireless charging, it’s all the great Lumia innovation wrapped in a premium package.

Other specifications of Lumia 930 includes Bluetooth 4.0 and support for 4G LTE connectivity.


Nokia Lumia is available countrywide and nationwide, even numerous mobile phone stores have this device in their stock, but for your convenience and safely you can order the Nokia Lumia 930  from.


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