Tecno Camon C8 Full Phone Reviews, Specs And Price

Tecno Camon C8 is a new Tecno android phone which is more focused on picture quality during day light and even at night.
This latest tecno android phone poses as a threat to even some digital cameras because of its extremely high quality image that is undeniable worth its hype.
You might have been buying android phones or even casual phones from tecno but Camon C8 is one of a kind from tecno and although this android phone is focused on camera picture quality but yet its hardware and software specs are great and mouth watering also and I bet you cant afford to miss buying this device because I doubt you will regret buying this Tecno Camon C8.

tecno camon c8camon c8


Tecno Camon C8 is one device you will love handling because of its 5.5-inch display that is enough to view your high quality pictures and recorded or downloaded videos without lagging, not only that Camon C8 is also equipped with the IPS HD Touchscreen display built to focus more on photography, with a beautiful metallic frame which will surely look smooth and fitting in your palm.
Not only that this device screen is protected with a gorilla glass, making it very hard to get broken or shattered, but that doesnt mean Camon C8 screen is as strong as brick but it's screen cant get broken that easily. 



We've been talking about the camera quality of Camon C8 all this while and you are wondering how real and true is this device camera quality that is worth the hype.
Well Tecno Camon 8 poses a primary camera of 13MP and front Camera of 5MP with auto-focus, can you now see how worthy this tecno android phone is for the hype?
Camon C8 is not one of those device with lowly bright flash light, Tecno Camon c8 13MP primary camera is equipped with 2 bright flashlight for image capture at night or at any low light area.
Even its front camera surpasses most android phones primary camera, making Camon C8 a selfie king.
You should worry less about the quality of your selfies with this latest tecno android phone. 

Hardware And Software

Tecno Camon C8 carries a quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz which simply means that this device is capable of delivering a level of performance that will be more satisfactory to normal android phone users who do not leave many apps open at the same time.
The Tecno Camon C8 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, making it one of the latest android phone from tecno that runs on that software version apart from the (Tecno DriodPad).


After taking your selfies, pictures and recording your videos, you might be getting worried of storage.
Tecno Camon C8 is powered with 16GB internal storage which is a whooping for storing your media files and documents if you are not too over consuming. But if you are a storage freak, the camon 8 storage could be extended to 32GB with an external MMC to cater for your needs.
Not only that Tecno Camon C8 comes with 1GB RAM to run your installed android applications smoothly and fluently, with this size of RAM you can easily switch in between apps easily without any slugging response.



Camon C8 is equiped with 3000Mah Li-Ion battery to power up your phone through all your mobile operations.
This android device battery could lasts up to 10 hours talk time on a 15-minute charge. Now calculate how long it will last if its fully charged.

Other Features

This device weighs 0.18Kg and is consistent of mainly plastic.
Camon 8 Connectivity features include microUSB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Fm player, Streaming and many others.
Tecno Camon8 also boasts of dual-SIM functionality.


Tecno Camon C8 is now available here in Nigeria and in various mobile phone stores.
But you can order this android phone online and get it delivered to your doorsteps from


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