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Most of Websites are created to look beautiful but you guys have not the slightest idea on what's going on back-end. Some webmasters and designers are having what I call a cat and rat fight with their website admin panel because of how tattered and rigid it is.
Don't know what admin panel is? I'm sorry I skipped that. Admin-Panel is the backdoor of every single websites and WebPages you see on the internet. It is workshop where all the hard work is done so you guys can have a wonderful experience while checking out the website.
Admin panels also have their user interface where all the necessary tools and functions are displayed to the developer/webmaster but most of the designs on this panel are not really something to write home about because they are scattered, waste excess time while loading and frustrate the designer. In order to avoid this frustration, you need a well formatted and soundly designed admin panel template to make your experience as a webmaster easier.

Who Needs Admin Templates & Why:
Are you thinking about creating a new website or you probably had one but want to revamp? Keep in mind that it's extremely important that the website’s backend is powered by a good-quality and feature rich admin panel template where you can see lots of data on one single screen/place.
What a lot of web developer/designers do these days is refurbishing the admin-panel. This simply means equipping the admin panel with some better functions, options and tools which will in turn improve the website’s function and its overall performance.
Hopefully technology is now advanced to the level where you don't need weeks or months to work on a design and development of this panel. Asking how? Yes that's true because you can simply buy and download one good Full Responsive and Professional Admin Template and save yourself the whole designing and developing hazard.

How to choose right Admin Template
Most of the Best Admin Dashboard Design Templates are built with CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap Framework for Responsive Design, and AngularJS libraries, so they can give Admin amazing user experience and beautiful User Interface.
I realized that what most people search on Google are either ‘Best Dashboard Design Templates’, ‘Dashboard Template HTML5‘, simple ‘HTML5 Dashboard‘ or ‘HTML Dashboard‘ because they don't know how to choose the right Admin panel template so they tend to depend on bloggers who are indirectly affiliates to the template they rated on top in their various blogs. I'm not saying they are all liars but some of them are, and by the time you realized the template is whack, you've already bought and installed it on your website hereby enriching them indirectly.
So how do you choose the right template? Watch out for the below qualities whenever you are about to choose a template for your admin dashboard.
·       Little or no Design Required
·       Multiple UI Components
·       Responsive Design
·       Multiple Color Schemes
·       Unique Layouts
·       Compatible With Most or All Browsers
·       Advanced Tables
·       Guarantees Very Little or No Lost Time
·       Chat Function
·       Easy Store Creation
·       Ticket System
·       Animation
·       Calendar Needs
·       Free & Effective Support
Where to buy Admin Panel Templates
Now that you have full knowledge about what an admin template is and how to choose the best one, I thinks it’s time you know where to get a dashboard template with all those features or most of the features.
There are several online store and marketplace with several displays of admin dashboard templates. Some of these templates are expensive and some are pocket friendly, but good templates that guarantees good user experience ranges from $40 - $60. Although there are some good templates that are less expensive than that but it’s safer to have such budget in mind. Beware of some online theme marketplace that are only interested in their affiliate commission, most of them are not to be trusted which is why I will be recommending two marketplace that is guaranteed to buy Admin templates that suits your need.
aa)       ThemeForest: The name ThemeForest has become a household name in the web designing field, this template store has provided several thousands of templates for top-notch websites and blogs.
They feature various templates for WordPress blogs/website, Html pages, Landing Pages, Email Marketing templates, Various CMS, eCommerce, UI Designs and also various WordPress plugins.
Most developers and web designers prefer Themeforest as their number one go-to place when in need of a good and high quality templates.
Just because this marketplace is a top template store doesn’t make their templates over priced, you can get a template over there for as low as $2!!! Yes 2 USD.
Check them out at https://themeforest.net/

bb)      WrapBootstrap: WrapBootStrap is a Bootstrap theme store that is fully loaded with HTML5 & CSS3 framework perfectly designed to help you kickstart the development of webapps and websites. This bootstrap marketplace is the go-to place if you need any responsive premium Bootstrap admin templates and themes for your web design projects.

With BootStrap, you can impress your clients and visitors while using a single and rock-solid foundation.
High quality themes are priced between $10 - $20 ranges.
Why wait? Visit https://wrapbootstrap.com/ now and select the responsive theme that suits your taste.

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