Top 4 Rare Pokémon Cards

Right from 1996, Pokémon cards have become a very popular trading card game that even after a decade, there is still many devoted players of the game.
There are several collectible cards used in playing the game. Also, there are some first editions, special editions, and specific tournaments or events card that are very rare and difficult to come across, this makes them an expensive collector’s items.
For those looking to add something special to their Pokémon trading card collections will need to do a thorough research for the rarest Pokémon cards in the game history before purchase.
Have you been searching for one of those rare cards? Why not read on and discover four from the Pokémon game cards.

1.       Pokémon Illustrator: Pokémon Illustrator is the ultimate & grand master of all Pokémon cards. This fabled card was awarded to some lucky winners during the select illustration contests. Having this card automatically portray the owner as an “Officially Authorized Pokémon Card Illustrator.” Although, it's said that 39 copies of this card were distributed.
The Illustrator card sells between $20000 and $50000 during auctions. We really hope to see it become the next Honus Wagner Card.

2.       Prerelease Raichu: There have been several bizarre legends about Pokémon cards, but the story behind Prerelease Raichu is even stranger.
This elusive card was erroneously created during production of the prerelease Jungle Clefable, and the accidental cards were then shared between employees of the Coast Wizard.
The Prerelease Raichu was later made public in the year 2006 when a former Wizard of the Coast employee came forward with an image of the card and narrated its origin.
Although Wizards of the Coast does not acknowledge this but rumors have it that eight or ten copies of the card were produced. The card was also said to be worth more than $10,000.

3.       Charizard: After being featured on the original Version of the Pokémon Red cartridge, Charizard became one of the most iconic monsters in the series. If you ever played the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you will notice that the original Charizard gained instant notoriety for its bulky 120 HP and the 100 overkill damage, making it the first valuable Pokémon card.
Although Charizard’s value are based on their respective set. The first edition of the Base Set Charizard can go on sale for about $500 or more. Even their Skyridge versions have been reportedly sold for as much as $800. One thing is certain; as long as the Pokémon game exists, there will be gamers on the hunt for Charizards.

4.       Numbers 1, 2, and 3 Trainer Cards: These cards are given out at the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Finals, and the only way to earn this card is by being the best that no one was ever was.

The No.1 Trainer Card is released annually with its value increasing alongside its year. Acquiring this rare Pokémon card automatically grant you entry and access to the following year's championship event.

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