Why You Should Buy a Pokémon Card

You must have been hearing the buzz all over the internet and the gaming world about the Pokémon game and its trading cards. But do you really know what Pokémon really is aside from being a game? I doubt you do.
Well, Pokémon are creatures of different shapes and sizes, they live in the wild or with humans. These creatures don't speak very often except when uttering their names. They are brought up and commanded by their trainers (“Owners”).
During adventures, they grow and become more experienced and evolve into a stronger Pokémon.
Currently, there are more than 700 of these creatures that exist in the Pokémon universe.
Now that you have more idea about what Pokémon is, aren’t you concerned about what the global rants about the game cards are?  I bet you do.
Well, Pokémon has this Trading Card Game, where players build decks around their best Pokémon and then play against each other. While playing, they literary send their favorite Pokémon into the battle field so they can claim the best Pokémon Trainer throne.
In this game, players can start with theme decks. These decks are pre-constructed and designed to walk you through the basics of the card game. After this, players can then augment their card collections with booster packs which provide more cards, and allow players develop more diverse decks.
There are several thousands of cards to choose from, and the interesting fact about this Pokémon trading card game is that it's designed to never repeat same game twice. There are four sets of cards, called “expansions,” released each year, so that the game can continue to evolve and expand for both players and collectors.

Reason why the rant is so much about Pokémon Card is the fact that you can’t play the Trading Card Game without this card, and the most fundamental and important aspects of Trading Card Games (TCG) is what we call card advantage. Rare Pokémon Cards are often powerful and have greater advantage at winning than the rest of the game’s game card, the Rarer your card is, the higher your advantage of winning the game.
The cards in the Pokémon TCG can be very expensive, but gladly you can get some of the money you spent back by selling them, most especially if you possess some rare cards.
Rare cards are hot cake among Pokémon card collectors and competitive players, so apart from using them in the game; they are also very valuable by reselling them and earn back some bucks.
However, the price you sell your cards depends on its rarity, so try as much as possible to evaluate their condition, and then find a suitable place to sell them.

Reasons to Buy Rare Pokémon Cards Now
Now you know how why Pokémon cards are being hyped, but don’t you think you could also benefit by purchasing some of the rare cards? It’s not only about winning the game; there are several other reasons why you need to buy those rare game cards.
Some of the reasons are listed below:
·       The rarer the card, the more it will be worth as some cards are worth $20,000.
·       To keep for your own rare personal collection and watch as their values increases over the year
·       Finishing up your play mate in the tournament and lots more.

Are you still reading this? WOW!!! Get out there now and stack some rare Pokémon cards to your collection then come back and thank me later when your cards value starts going up with the year

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