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Hello there how is the day going?

If you are one of the few people to read or Stumble upon this page then count yourself very lucky.

Wondering why?

Well here is the absolute reason:

You might have been reading general news,  lifestyle gist, entertainment news, political news, relationships story, tech tutorials, phone gist, free browsing and also latest musics on some other peoples blogs and websites out there, but do you know you could also build and own your personal blog that you control and let the whole wide world visit your blog?

That's right, its that easy and fast, you can actually own your personal blog that you control and make yourself popular like LINDA IKEJIBELLA NAIJAPUNCH NGVANGUARD NEWS,  NAIJALOADED and many other top blogs in Nigeria.

Are you still thinking about why you need a blog?

That's good because you cant just barge into what you don't know anything about, but i want you to know that having a blog opens a lot of big opportunity doors to its owner

Opportunities Like :

1) Making tons of real and easy money online
2) Increased in popularity Globally
3) Building of Authority and Trust
4) Saying goodbye to poverty
5) Getting your voice heard worldwide
6) Sharing of information.

With the above reason, why should you not have and own your own blog?

Or is there anyone who doesn't like good things of life?
I doubt there is; and if that's the case, why wait when you can have access to all those opportunities right now and today; please don't be a doubting Thomas because we are real, truthful and trustworthy in fact i don't have to tell you anything more, just a trial will massively convince you of how efficient we are.

In case you still refuse and decide to doubt how good, effective and efficient we are, try checking our previous blog designs that we've done for our clients and customers

Viewing those blogs will in fact let you know and be aware of how versatile and good we really are when it comes to designing and building a good blog.

You can as well check the footer of those blogs and boldly see the name BADMUS SAMEX or SAMEX4RILL as the blog designer. And if you are not sure try contacting the owner of those blogs, chat with them and ask about SAMEX4RILL from them, I'm very sure you wont be disappointed.

By now i believe you've checked those blogs i mentioned above and you must be surely amazed because they are all seo optimized, mobile friendly and very easy to navigate which makes AdSense approval on such blog fast and easy.

Why not get your own blog today and be your own BOSS and control the type of information people hear and read.

What Platform Will My Blog Be Registered On?

Right now we are currently dealing with the blogger platform, i know you must have heard WordPress is better than a blogger blog but have you ever wondered why people do say so?

The reason most bloggers always say so is because its easy to do the seo on a WordPress blog and also there are bunch of plugins that will eventually make everything easily done on WordPress than blogger.

But I'm buoyant to tell you that all those can also be done on blogger too it just take the right person to do it for you and that's why we are right here bringing you this rare offer.

  • Dont worry about seo of your blog, we will do that
  • Dont worry about navigation, we will do that
  • Dont worry about a very nice and simple design, we will do that for you
  • Dont bother yourself about making it mobile phone friendly, we got it under control
But do you know there is this 2 advantages blogger blogs do have over wordpress blogs that even wordpress experts are still very scared of?

  • Blogs hosted on blogger will never reach traffic quota limit because its powered by Google  you dont have to worry about your traffic limit, as blogger can actually handle any of your traffic size and to achieve this kind of service on a hosted WordPress blog is gonna cost you a huge amount of money but its free off charge on blogger.
  • There is no downtime on blogger, its always 100% uptime and will always be. but on WordPress blogs you will have to always monitor your blog because of downtime or any server error. Thats not the case on blogger everything is taken care of by Google.

What else can you ask for?

Just say it, we are at your service

How Can I Get My Own Blog?

With Just 15 thousands Naira you can own your own personal blog registered on a custom top level domain like (.com, .net, .info, .ng) with any name and design of your choice.

But if you already have a domain of yourself but have trouble with the development of your blog then you only have to pay us 12 thousands naira and all your blogging issue and mystery is solved.

Beautifully Designed Blog with custom domain = 15,000 Naira 
Beautifully Designed Blog without custom domain= 12,000 Naira

Simply Contact Us Or Call  +2348117759804

Or use the contact form below to let us know what type of blog you need and the type of design you will like to have on your blog.

Thanks So Much As You Get To Us And Welcome In Advance To The Bloggers Community.